As a member of various professional associations and though my various roles, I’ve met many intelligent, creative, and overall fantastic people from all over the world. Our ability to communicate on a variety of levels is what makes this world tick. Decision making is never a one-way street. Collaborating in workshops and brainstorming sessions with fruitful and creative input from various sides is essential for the success of a project.

Here is a selection of my industry workshops and presentations over the years:


Technical Documentation Optimization, Acrolinx Content Connections 2018, May 14, 2018, Berlin, Germany


Vendors, Clouds and Security–Guidelines, TC World,November 2015,Wiesbaden,Germany

Selling Terminology as a Product, TC World, November 2011, Wiesbaden, Germany

Wie ein Komma 50 Euro kostet, tekom e.V. spring conference, April 2009, Friedrichshafen, Germany

Mythos der billigen TM-gestützten Übersetzung in derTechnischen Dokumentation, tekom e.V. spring conference, April 2008, Bamberg, Germany

Shape up to ship out–How to clean up your source documentation for effective localization, with Helen Fawcett, tekom e.V., November 2008, Wiesbaden, Germany

Does Size Matter? Grosse Unternehmen gegen Einzelkämpfer in der Übersetzungsdienstleitung, tekom e.V. November 2007, Wiesbaden, Germany


Terminology across the divide, tekom e.V. November 2011, Wiesbaden, Germany

Terminology: The Big Picture, Tradulinguas InternationalTechnical Translation Conference, 28-29 May 2010, Lisbon, Portugal

Trados/SDL Roadshows: Geneva, Dachau, Zurich, Berlin (2007-2009)

Streamlining Technical and Marketing Communications: Terminology as a tool for collaboration, Localization World, 30 May–1 June 2006, Barcelona, Spain